Monday, 16 March 2015

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I am a total St Tropez tan convert! I have spent years testing out different tans, trying to find my favourite, but to no avail. Every tan I use either goes streaky, smells funny or just does absolutely nothing. I am pleased to say I have found my 'ONE'. St Tropez is probably the best known and most popular tanning brand out there... and now I know why. I have tried a few tans from the range and my absolute favourite is definitely the Bronzing Mousse.

The mousse is super easy to apply and the beautiful light formula means it can easily be spread all over the body with no dreaded streaks. The guide colour is quite dark but can be washed off after 4-8 hours to reveal a lovely, natural looking tan. I tend to apply mine before bed and wash it off in the morning. I have always done it this way and with other tans I would normally wake up with my white bed sheets completely brown.... however, this tan hardly rubs off at all with just a mild cream colour on my white sheets...! It also dries really quickly- there is no standing around naked waving your arms in your freezing room trying to make it dry. After washing off in the morning- it gives a really natural glow as it is a green based brown instead of orange, so there’s no risk of that obvious fake tan look. The tan tends to fade really evenly and slowly and still looks great up to 4 days later. 

I am by no means a tanoholic and I actually very rarely use fake tan- only if I am going on a night out or a special occasion or I am feeling particularly crappy and feel like I need to make myself look better. I really wish I had the patience and time to tan all the time but it is just so blooming time-consuming. I am naturally very pale and I think I look 100% better and more healthy with a light, natural tan so I try to do it when I can be bothered to make the effort. Therefore, I love the ease and natural colour that the Bronzing Mousse gives. It is so much quicker than using a lotion and it doesn't matter too much if you’re a bit slap dash as it blends so well. I have also tried out the original Bronzing Lotion which I actually fell in love with first. It wasn't until the Bronzing Mousse came along that I realised the grass was even greener and I ditched the lotion. The Instant Tan from St Tropez is also really great. I had been using the Rimmel instant tan for years and years before nights out for a quick, easy fix, but this one tops the other brands once again! It is really quick and easy to apply and smells delicious so there is none of that tell-tale tan smell lingering around! 

All in all, I am a St Tropez super-fan and I now can't imagine my tanning life without them! Have you tried StTropez? Which is your favourite tan?


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