Monday, 20 April 2015

Fudge and Fudge Urban

I have recently discovered the world of Fudge Haircare... and I like it there! I have only ever tried one Fudge product before, years and years ago when my Mum bought some of their hair wax and I just remember it smelling amazing. Now, I have re-discovered the brand again and have been testing out what they have to offer.

Firstly, I have been using the Fudge Make-A-Mends Shampoo and Conditioner. These are described as a 'protein shake for dry and damaged hair' which I love the sound of! My hair tends to get dry quite quickly at the ends due to excessive heat and straightening so I am always looking for a shampoo and conditioner to target my split ends. I love both of these products as they really do leave you hair feeling silky and smooth after use and smell delicious. I tend to use a 'deep clean' shampoo first to get rid of any grease, and then follow it with this shampoo to make sure it is really clean. I then just use the conditioner on the ends to leave them smooth and nourished. 

I have also been using the Dry Shampoo from Fudge Urban and their Heat Protection Spray. I have always used the Batiste dry shampoo and haven't really known anything different until this beauty came along. The first thing I noticed about it, is that it smells amazing, as if it has been freshly washed. The spray goes on really finely and I found that I had to use quite a lot to get rid of the grease. However, it blends really easily and there's no need to worry about that dreaded talcum powder parting. Overall, I love this dry shampoo and am defintely converted from my Batiste! 

I have also been using the heat protection spray from Fudge Urban. I have only used this a couple of times as I have been using up my Tresemme heat protection spray, but so far, so good. I always feel like I need to use a heat protection spray when drying and straightening my hair and can never straighten it now without spraying first. It forms a nice barrier and I always feel like it is protecting my hair from the heat. It probably does absolutely nothing, but it makes me feel better about putting that much heat on it. I love the smell of this one but it is hard to tell the difference compared to any other heat protection spray in terms of actual results. 

Overall, I love my new Fudge and Fudge Urban products and will definitely be repurchasing when they run out. Have you tried any products from Fudge or Fudge Urban? 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Easter in The Isle of Wight (again!)

Another Easter, another long weekend spent in the Isle of Wight. This year I went with my mum, dad, brother, sister-in-law, boyfriend and Misha the dog, which was the first time we had all been down together. The goal of the weekend was to just chill out, relax and not really do too much. Which is exactly what we did! We spent our days going on long walks on the beach and in the hills with the dog, as well as yummy pub lunches, baking cakes and exploring the nearby villages. Then we spent our evenings cooking delicious meals, drinking G&T's, playing board games and snuggling by the fire! We of course had to do the obligatory Easter egg hunt... which I won (being a complete chocolate fiend) and then spent the rest of the trip stuffing ourselves silly with chocolate. It really was the perfect getaway and super relaxing, surrounded by all my favourite people. 


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Bioderma Skincare

Bioderma is literally my all-time favourite skincare brand! I absolutely love everything I have ever tried from them and am a complete covert to their products. The French pharmacy brand is known for its simple formulas and easy to use products which are now a staple in many celebrity and make up artists kits. My favourite products come from the Sensibio range which is designed for sensitive skin. I like to think of my skin as pretty normal with the occasional blemish and occasional dry patch- which is why I went for this range over their other two. They also have the Hydrabio range for dry skin and the Sebium range for oily skin. However, I feel like the Sensibio range suits my skin the best. 

The first product doesn't really need an introduction. I am pretty sure everyone and anyone has heard about the H2O micellar water and most people who have tried it have been converted straight away. I started using this product about a year ago and have not looked back since. I used to use a cleansing milk to remove my make-up and then a eye make up remover cream for my eye make-up. However, this is so much easier and I just sweep the water over my face, eyes and lips to remove all make up in one easy step. I love how simple and quick it is to use and to go from a full face of make up to not a trace in 1 minute. I always cleanse my face with a face wash or cleanser afterwards to make sure all traces of grime and dirt are removed before applying my second favourite Bioderma product... The Sensibio Light Moisturiser. 

The Sensibio Light is such a beautiful, light cream that feels like it is super nourishing but not heavy. I tend to use this moisturiser only in the morning and it is a great base for make up. It doesn't have much scent so you can tell it is good for your skin with no harsh ingredients or added chemicals. I have noticed a real improvement to my skin since using it and it gives just the right amount of moisture to keep your skin hydrated all day long. 

Overall, I am totally in love Bioderma as a brand and love the simplicity of the skincare and how improving your skin is its number one aim. No fancy packaging or exotic smells- it is all about caring for your skin in a simple and dermatological way. 

What are your favourite Bioderma products? 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Foodie Series

I have come to a realisation recently... I am a massive foodie! Nothing fills me with more joy than going out for dinner. I am obsessed with finding cool, new places to try out and I think restaurants should be like countries- there are so many to visit, why would you go to the same place twice? I think a big part of it was moving to London and realising the huge gastronomic opportunities here. You could literally eat out somewhere new every night for 5 years and still not visit all the restaurants you want to visit. From being quite a fussy eater as a child, I will now try anything and I love all different types of food and just want to try as much as possible!

This brings me to the reason of my ramblings. I have decided to set up a new blogger series on my blog: The Foodies Series. Every month I am going to bring you 3 new restaurants/bars/pop ups that I have recently visited and do a mini review on each. I am obsessed with finding new places to go and these are my favourite type of blogs to read... to be honest I wish I could be a food blogger but I just don't have the patience to take loads of professional photos of the food... all I want to do is eat it! 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. To kick off my series I am going to give you my all-time Top 3 restaurant in London.

Now, this was a very hard task and I ummed and ahhhed over which to pick for a while! These are by no means the poshest or most expensive, they are just cool places with great food and a great atmosphere. 

1) Miss Chu

 Miss Chu is a tiny little Vietnamese street food restaurant in Shoreditch. It is actually just opposite where my boyfriend lives which is how I discovered it. The food here is incredible. Truly authentic street food which tastes delicious! It is a tiny place with enough seating for about 20 people and not somewhere to sit for ages and enjoy- it keeps the authenticity of street food- grab some delicious food, enjoy and go. I am an absolute sucker for dim sum and his place definitely provides some of the best I have tasted. I would recommend going for the selection plate of dim sum which is a mixture of all the best things and will certainly fill you up 

Price: Approximately £15 per head including drinks and tip
Location: 91 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7RA

2) Hot Box 

Hot Box is a fairly new restaurant which only opened a couple of months ago in Shoreditch (again). It is the perfect place for a foodie or anyone who appreciates food and meat! The dishes are incredible- looks-wise and taste-wise. The menu is very meat orientated with beautiful slow-cooked meats which fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. Again, they have a sort of selection plate which is amazing to try a few different things and will definitely be a struggle to finish. The service here is second to none- all the staff are super friendly and attentive despite the busy fast-paced nature. We had to wait about 20 minutes for our pudding, which really isn't long, and the manager came over and apologised and said the dessert will be on the house! We didn't even realise it had been that long! Talking of desserts... it was deep fried Oreos...need I say more? 

Price: Approximately £30 per head including drinks and tip
Location: 46-48 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT

3) Brew

 Ahh my beloved Brew! Brew is an all-day and all-night eatery, however I have only ever been for Brunch. It is owned by an Australian guy and this very much comes through in the food, service and atmosphere of the cafĂ©-come-restaurant. It has a really laid-back, chilled out atmosphere with cosy beds next to open-fire pits and heaters and a huge pizza oven as you enter. The food is incredible. I have had the pancakes here which are some of the best I have tasted as well as my favourite- eggs royale. They also have some amazing juices! This is my absolute favourite brunch spot- the perfect ‘Sunday morning with the girl’s’ location or hangover cure. Plus- it is literally a five minute walk from my flat! win win! They also have movie nights where they screen classic movies which is firmly on my list of things to do! 

Price: Approximately £15 per head for brunch including drinks and tip
Location: 162-164 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1LY, UK

So those are my top three eateries of the moment. There are so many more amazing places that I have visited recently so it was very hard to choose just three, but I will be bringing you more recommendations next month. Stay tuned!