Thursday, 30 July 2015

S5 Skincare

I recently went to a blogger event held by the lovely girls at Chalk beauty and came across this new skincare range- S5Skincare. I had a nice long chat with the founder of the brand, Laura Rudoe, (who literally had the most amazing skin!!) all about the products and the range and got a real insight into the brand. S5 is designed to solve skin problems naturally using the strength of ingredients found in the most extreme parts of the planet such as Antarctica, the Wadi Desert in Egypt and the high mountains of Tibet. These magical ingredients helps your skin cope with the stresses of modern living like pollution, UV and EMF radiation, chemical irritation and environmental damage. Reducing stress on the skin helps it stay in a healthy balance and reduces the likelihood of skin problems such as sensitivity, redness, blemishes and premature ageing.

The range is based around 5 treatment serums which are designed for the 5 most common skin concerns: blemishes, sensitivity, dryness, hyper-pigmentation and premature ageing. The serums can be mixed and matched together to make a uniquely tailored skin regime that works for you, and can be amended depending on how your skin feels or the season.

I tested out 3 products from the range, all specifically chosen by Laura to suit my skin. 

First up is my favourite- the Nourish Cleanser. This oil based balm is a real beauty. Designed for normal to dry skin, it naturally cleanses and removes make up, without disrupting your skins natural barrier layer. S5 is all about the ingredients, and this contains Arctic Sea Buckthorn, Chilean Rosehip Oil and Desert Pomegranate Oil, all of which are rich in omega oils and Vitamin C and E. I tend to remove my make up first with micellar water and then massage this into my skin for a few minutes before washing off with a muslin cloth. It rinses off really nicely, without leaving any oily residue, like you get with other oil based cleansers. My skin then feels super smooth and nourished!  

Next up, I tried the Restore Cream, an anti-ageing moisturiser for normal-dry, sensitive skin. With age defying desert, arctic & marine bioactives to reduce the appearance of wrinkles it hydrates & protects for a radiant, youthful complexion. I love this moisturiser because it is designed for super sensitive skin and helps prevent eczema, which I sometimes suffer with. This moisturiser is a bit heavy for the summer months, but will be great for the winter, when your skin needs that extra bit of moisture. You can also add one of the 5 serums to this cream, to give it an added extra benefit, depending on your skin type. This also contains some pretty impressive ingredients, from seaweed extract to target chronic inflammation to Rhodiola, which helps the skin adapt to stress caused by temperature fluctuations, improving skin vitality and viability in very cold and very hot conditions. 

Finally, is the Vitality Mask, described as "The ultimate skin perfecting mask to enhance cellular longevity & vitality, refining, firming & illuminating the skin"... sounds fabulous!! This mask really does do what it says on the tin. It brightens the skin and just makes your skin look really healthy. It is also great as a pre-party treatment or for when your skin needs a quick-fix pick-me-up, as it gives quick results! Containing Marine Enzymes to reduce pore size and Wild Alaskan Wakame to increase collagen synthesis... sounds pretty good to me! 

All in all, I am really loving this range, and best of all, the formulas are all hypoallergenic and certified organic. If you are making the change to organic skincare, this is the best place to start. Have you tried anything from S5 Skincare? 

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