Sunday, 27 September 2015

White on White

I am obsessed with two pieces and love how versatile they can be. When I am in a bit of a wardrobe rut, I can always rely on one of my trusty two pieces as a go-to outfit. Which I why I was super excited when the lovely people at Luxemme sent me this gorgeous number. I have just returned from a wonderful week in Portugal where this was the perfect outfit for an evening sipping sangria by the sea! I love that I can wear this dressed down during the day with a pair of trainers and a jacket or at night where it looks more like a dress. I have also worn the top with a pair of stripy high-waisted trousers and the skirt with a plain t-shirt crop... there are just so many possibilities!

Two piece- Luxemme*
Jacket- Goldie
Shoes- Topshop
Watch- Uniform Wares
Sunglasses- Quay

Thursday, 17 September 2015

That Time I Climbed a Mountain

On August Bank Holiday weekend, Ben and I decided to take a trip to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon. It was quite a last minute decision as we wanted to take advantage of the long weekend and go on a staycation somewhere. We booked an incredible BnB about an hour away from Snowdon and spent the weekend exploring Wales. 

The airbnb we stayed in was an old boat which had been 'moored' in a field and converted into a bedroom! There was also a kitchen/living room area which the owners had built using an old rowing boat as the roof, winning Shed of the Year 2013! We wanted to stay somewhere a bit quirky and different, and it certainly was that! Plus it had the most breath-taking views over the Welsh Valleys which was absolutely magical to wake up to the morning and admire with a cup of coffee in hand.

On our first day, we headed over to Portmeirien for the afternoon to explore the gorgeous beach and architecture, which was built to look like an Italian fishing village...with a very man-made 'Disney' feel! The place was beautiful and we were lucky that the sun was shining on it, allowing us to dream that we really were in Italy.

After dinner in a cute local pub we headed back to base camp to get lots of rest before the big climb the next day. 

Ben did a lot of research on the different climbing routes for Mount Snowdon, and we decided to climb up the Miners Track and down the Pyg Track as these were a good mix of difficulty and popularity. The climb itself was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, we were really scrambling at one point, using my hands to climb... I think we may have gone off-piste at that point! It took about three and a half hours to get up to the top, with a few pit stops to refuel and admire the views. And the views were absolutely spectacular! I wasn't prepared for how beautiful it would be. By the time we got to the top, we were victorious and awarded ourselves with a sandwich and a mars bar! Unfortunately, as it was bank holiday weekend it was very busy at the top, which we didn’t realise when climbing. You can also get a train up if you can't be bothered to walk, so there were swarms of people up there. After taking in the view (which was in the clouds) and revelling in our accomplishment we headed back down again. The whole climb took about 7 hours altogether, and boy, did my legs know that! I could hardly walk the next day!

When we got to the base of the mountain, we headed to a little village nearby called Beddgelert which Ben had visited before. It is the cutest little Welsh town with plenty of local pubs to choose from. We had a lovely meal in a local restaurant with a well-deserved glass of wine, before heading back to our accommodation. 

The next day, we were planning on climbing some more Welsh mountains, however, our legs were protesting and we were having some problems with the car (we broke down on the way up) so we decided to head home and take our time with the journey. We stopped off in some lovely little villages on the way home, including Bridgnorth in Shropshire for lunch, which was gorgeous!

We had a wonderful weekend in Wales and I am still reeling about how beautiful the country is. I would 100% recommend a visit, and definitely recommend climbing Mount Snowdon! Just make sure you have some comfortable shoes!! 
Shed of the Year 2013


At the top! 

In the clouds

Friday, 11 September 2015

Holding on to Summer

Why does everyone keep saying that summer is over?! As soon as we hit September this year, it was deemed the end of summer. I received an email at work last week saying 'I hope you had a nice summer...' NO, I refuse to let it be over and to give in to cosy knits and berry tones. Summer is still very much alive for me and I am going to drag it out as long as I can. I am queen of dressing inappropriately for the weather. I somehow manage to wear bare legs and sandals when everyone else is in boots and coats, and this year is no different. I am going to be holding on to my summer clothes for as long as possible, as you can see from my recent outfit this week, when it was only about 20 degrees but if the suns out then it’s still summer as far as I am concerned. I probably also still feel like it is summer because I am going on holiday next week. I am off to Portugal for a week where I will be spending 3 days in Lisbon and 4 days in Cascais, just outside Lisbon. Therefore, if anyone has any suggestions of things to see, eat and do then please holla! 
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Ebay
Sunglasses- Quay Australia
Watch- Uniform Wares

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Top 3: Skin Protectors

Today I am bringing you my top three skin protectors/multi-functioning balms. I am not really sure what to call these as they can be used for a number of different things from intense moisturising to healing cuts and bruises. So I think I will stick with skin protectors. I have always had really dry hands and dry patches on my body. This is mostly due to eczema. Therefore, I am constantly on the hunt for products to relieve my dry and itchy skin. All three of these products are great for protecting the soothing the skin as well as doubling up as great lip balms, primers and even wound treatments. 

First up is my ultimate life-saver- Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment.  If you have never tried Paw Paw balm then you are massively missing out. This is a thing of miracles! I discovered it when I was travelling in Australia as they use it for everything over there. It is amazing on lips, hands, dry skin, cuts, bruises, burns... just about anything you can think of! It really is a miracle balm and I can't get enough of it. It is all completely organic and certified and does not contain any chemical nasties which are so often found in balms. I mostly use this on my lips but it is also great on small patches of eczema too! You can now buy this quite easily online, however the price is double what you would pay in Australia. I have a few friends in Oz so whenever they come over, I always make sure they bring supplies with them! I now have 4 tubes in my stash so I don't think I will be running out any time soon!
Skin Food from Weleda is another one which is a cult classic and a favourite among celebrities and make-up artists. It has been around for years and can be used as everything from an intense moisturiser to a skin primer. I tend to use this as a hand cream and apply it to my hands before bed when they are feeling particularly dry. I love the smell of this stuff which is quite citrus-y and it leaves my hands feeling really nourished and comfortable. It does have quite a greasy texture, which is why I only really apply it before bed and don't need to touch anything. I have also used this as a face mask and apply a thick layer to my face for 10 minutes then wash off with a muslin cloth. It leaves my skin super soft and moisturised and it really is food for your skin! I know many people also use this as a face moisturiser if you have really dry skin, however, I wouldn’t recommend that if you have slightly oily skin as it is greasy and will probably clog up pores. 
The all-time classic and every beauty lovers favourite… the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I love this stuff- it is such an amazing all-rounder that can be used on lips, dry patches, cuts... you name it! I tend to use it mostly on my lips as an intense moisturiser. I also sometimes use it on little patches of eczema on my hands which I have found works really well! This is my ultimate travel essential and I take it everywhere with me. They tend to do good deals on Elizabeth Arden at airports or on flights so I will wait until I travel somewhere to buy this so I get a good bargain! I also love the 8 Hour Hand Cream from Elizabeth Arden which leaves your hands intently nourished and smooth! 

  Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite skin protectors?