Saturday, 31 October 2015

3 Step Skincare - Antipodes

I have been a HUGE fan of the Antipodes Divine Face Oil for about 4 years now but I have never actually tried any other products from the range. Therefore, I was very excited to try out the Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner and the Grapeseed Butter Cleanser, to complete a 3 step skincare routine.

I love the philosophy and history behind the brand. Founded in New Zealand, 100% of the ingredients are from a natural origin and 70- 95% of the ingredients in each product are from organic cultivation. Therefore, you can rest assured no chemical nasties are creeping into your skin. However, it is not all airy-fairy hippy-organic skincare, there is a huge amount of science and research behind the brand and they have invested years into research and development with top experts to create high-performance anti-ageing products. This means the end result is organic, natural AND results-orientated. 
As I mentioned before, I have been a huge fan of this stuff for a long time. This is a hero product of mine and works wonders on tired, dull skin. The nutrient-rich formula delivers antioxidants and essential nourishment and the collagen-boosting action of avocado oil helps reduce the appearance of lines, age spots and scars. I use this before bed after cleansing my face instead of a moisturiser. I 'push' it into my skin rather than rubbing as this helps it to penetrate further. I always wake up with glowy, soft skin the morning after and my face feels bright and fresh all day. I probably only use this about twice a week or whenever I think my skin needs a boost. Antipodes also recommend using this in the morning before applying your moisturiser and make up to give your skin a gorgeous dewy look. 

I was unsure of this cleanser when I first tried it as it is completely different to any cleanser I have used before. It comes in a pot and has a very solid consistency which you scrape out with a spatula and apply to your face. It then quickly melts into your skin and feels very greasy. However, I persevered and I love the results it has given my skin. I tend to work this in for about 5 minutes and give it a massage at the same time. I then wash it off with a muslin cloth and hot water. It leaves my skin super smooth and nourished and really fresh. It has been scientifically shown to have amongst the world's highest levels of antioxidants from grapeseed! This is great for a moisture hit, but also for oily skin to balance out the levels of oil.

I think a toner is a vital step after cleansing and never miss out this step from my skincare routine. This one is really refreshing and it smells gorgeous. I spritz a few sprays onto my face and neck before applying moisturiser. I am never sure how much work a spray toner actually does, apart from feeling lovely, but this one claims to reduce the appearance of open pores and provides balance and resurrection to the skins surface. I normally use a liquid toner which I wipe onto my face with a cotton wool pad to remove any extra residue or cleanser. Obviously a spray toner doesn't work in the same way but it is a great way of providing your skin with the beautiful ingredients: sweet sage to tone and firm, lavender to soothe and chamomile to calm irritated skin. 
Have you tried anything from Antipodes? Which is your favourite product? I would love some recommendations of which products I need to try next!

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