Monday, 14 December 2015

Casual in Cos

I have a new favourite shop: Cos. I have recently become obsessed with this store and want everything in it! The clothes are amazing quality and I love the simplicity of the designs. Their jumpers are particularly good and I love all the snuggly knits currently in the store for winter. I also recently picked up these trousers from Urban Outfitters. If you know me, you will know I am a huge fan of trousers and it's very rare you will catch me in a skirt or dress. I have a whole wardrobe full of funky trousers and these are my favourite new addition. Although they really aren't very flattering and don't go with much, they are perfect with a slouchy jumper and pair of trainers for a casual weekend look. 
Jumper- Cos
Trousers- Urban Outfitters
Trainers- Adidas
Clutch- Whistles
Watch- Uniform Wares


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